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Retro the Cafeteria

A cup of coffee with your favourite hand plucked veg snackies or warm country egg sandwich, each sip you rediscover yourself …. While your eyes sit on the country fence gate, your heart urges you to take wings from there to the bird bath and the pigeons and then fly light-heartedly aloft the valleys the gurgling hills and those mist clad mountains… well you can’t escape becoming a poet.

And even the weather could be perfect to read past over the history of local frescos from the book collection.

What’s on your plate?

Well anything! Anything you pluck from the organic farm of our winding compound, the fresh country poultry or meat, fresh from the garden kind of juice…. Anything fresh from the farm.

You could be wondering- is that all… But you have more…. you have a highly organized kitchen with expert chef and his crew who can cook truly traditional cuisine or spread the best from other traditions. No worries… You just have to identify your palette.

Restro – Poolside Live-Cuisine

Yes your dinner has wings too, passed on fresh from the nearby barbeque or the counter, with ambient sound of music! Oh my! Absolutely lifting.

The farm fresh veg or poultry, hygienically barbequed in front of you. You get to have even the ocean fresh fish on your BBq platter! All on the conventional Coal BBQ! Live Vellayappam, Kerala’s popular white hoppers or roti or fulkas right from fire to your plate! Feel at home….

The Organic Farm

Why not take a walk down the sole property of Wayanad Village Resort farm. Lessons in organic farming and eco-sensitive lifestyle are aplenty at every step. Open up a new university of knowledge for yourself and your children. Teach them how to talk to plants and birds and squirrels.

The view from the above is simply stunning! Green rolling hills, the cattle grazing, the chirping of birds, the cacophony of the poultry, the majestic craft of butterfly wings, the misty breeze all through…if you want a true experience of a rustic and pure Indian village charm, this is your place.

As for your cuisine, we are very strict. We are particular of we serve. Fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, cereals, paddy, coffee, tea, pepper, spices, milk, eggs, poultry, meat, mushrooms, honey, herbs… every drop is handpicked and monitored. If you miss something at Wayanad Village Resort, it is the tangy flavour of chemicals and preservatives.