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Meeting And Events

Dream Destination

Wayanad Village Resort is where you can organise Engagement or Wedding as you do in your home. It is so personal and so special. The special moment in your life could be made extra special. And then, you can return with your love as if you have never left the place. This is the perfect place to start the incredible journey of your life. In the veil of silence, you can cuddle in the warmth of love and discover yourselves. Wayanad Village Resort can host your special moment and add colour to your dream.

Theme Conference

Who said official meetings are dull and boring? Add that zing to your official meetings, but moving into Wayanad Village Resort. Most modern and sophisticated meeting facilities and cuisine made to order will ensure that you are totally at ease. Thus, you can add value quotient to your critical decisions.

Special Gatherings

Wayanad Village Resort adapts for your needs, like Nature always does. A birthday party, or a get-together of friends…whatever be it, Wayanad Village Resort will have a special space. If you feel like having a private space, the indoors will welcome you with a smile. If you feel like letting the hair down, the sky will spread out as your roof. This is your space and you design the space to suit your mood.