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Mesmerising Locale

First you see only the small country bridge at Niravilpuzha. Then comes the climb. After that, everything changes.

The best of pristine Wayanad beauty unfolds before your eyes, slowly like a flower opening up. You feel the fragrance veil you like the gentle mist. At every step you take, the earth warms up, like a friend meeting after a long while.

Take another look at Wayanad Village Resort. Nothing is too loud here. The construction merges into the greenery, as natural as the teak nearby is. Because, every brick on this site is laid after knowing and respecting the native wisdom. Local residents are fellow travellers, who shared the same vision as we did. Together, we built this heaven on earth – just for you.

Extreme care has been taken to preserve the biodiversity of the land. That is why, we could earn the trust and respect of the Kurichya Tribe in the neighbourhood. We learn from the wisdom they share on sustainable farming, something they gathered over a thousand years. Or maybe, more. There are 100-odd families who use dried cow dung and dry leaves as manure and wash it clean with the purest tastiest water available on earth. Not for them, the chemical manure and fertilizers that sap the life out of Earth. Deep inside their sacred groves, paddy, coffee, tea, and pepper flourish. This is their offering to the Vanadevatha, the forest goddess, and this is our tribute their wisdom.