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Ubercool Cottages

It is basically about finding the right nest for you.

In tune with the philosophy of Wayanad Village Resort, all the cottages are named after birds. And be assured, each one of them is as cosy as those special homes the little winged birds make and sweeten with their songs.

Be prepared to be stunned with the play of colours. And just when you think it is over, another scene unfolds in the grand arena.

There are three Silver Class cottages, which is big enough for a couple to cuddle in. They are

  • Bulbul
  • Mynah and
  • Sunbird

Then there are three Gold Class cottages, where dreams can stretch a bit easy. They are

  • Woodpecker
  • Coucal and
  • Koel

Finally, there are two Platinum Class cottages, where you reign like a royalty. They are

  • Brahminy Kite
  • Hornbill

All these cottages are unique in their own way – each one featuring a charming blend of elegant retro furniture, vintage curios and yet rather luxurious and modern in every element of comfort. beds. These cliff-clinching cottages invite you to a space like a work of art. Natural sunlight filters in through the bamboo curtains as they sway in the aromatic breeze. The well-appointed suites make your like a King or Queen with their heritage architecture, an exquisite play of rosewood and terracotta and the never-fading magical aura of mural paintings.

Amenities for You

  • Dedicated Balcony with 100% privacy.
  • Glamour loos with rain head shower.
  • Organic toiletries linen and cotton bath towels.
  • Complimentary bed tea / Coffee / breakfast.
  • Cleaning service.
  • Laundry service on request.